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In veterinary, medical, and paramedical fields, laboratory animals have always been important as diagnostic, research, and teaching tools. Because of their great anatomical and physiological similarities to the human body, these animals are often used as surrogate models for humans. Livogen Pharmed Company uses the most advanced tools and appropriate infrastructure to provide the following animal testing services to accelerate research projects for academics, scientists, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies.

Animal Services

Blood sampling from the heart, eye sinus, caudal veins, inferior Venakawa, etc.

Subcutaneous, Intramuscular, Peritoneal, Intravenous, and Intracerebral Injections

Maintenance, Breeding, and Propagation of laboratory animals

Induction of Acute and Chronic Stress and Pain


Variety of diseases (such as Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Epilepsy)


Chemical and Electrical Seizures


Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion


Breast, Brain, and Colon Cancers



Restraint of laboratory animals

Cardio-Cerebral Perfusion

Maintaining and changing the dressing of mice or rats

Tissue sampling and separation of general tissues and muscles


Cannulation and cannula implantation in different brain areas


Stereotaxic surgery

Performing a variety of behavioral tests, including the Morris water maze, shuttle box, open field, new object, elevated plus maze, T-Maze, Barnes Maze, Y-Maze, hot plate, forced swimming, depression test, sleep deprivation, tail flick


Investigation of viral infections in embryonated eggs, newborn, and adult mice

Electrode making and electrode implantation in different brain areas

Temporary and permanent labeling of laboratory animals

ED50, CELD50 test

Analysis of various types of behavioral data

Sampling of blood, urine, semen, feces, peritoneal fluid, and milk

Creating anesthesia, numbness, and painlessness in laboratory animals

Euthanasia of laboratory animals

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