The Livogen Pharmed Company provides bioinformatics services such as consulting, analyzing biological databases, solving optimization issues, and designing biotechnological processes and products in silico. Nucleic Acids Bioinformatics services – Primer design – Searching of Gene Sequence in databases – Sequence Alignment – Determination of RNA Structure – RNAi analysis, targeting for miRNA, miRNA design – Sequencing data analysis – 16S rRNA sequencing or ribotyping – Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) – Genome-wide Association Studies (GWAS) Protein Bioinformatics Services – Determination of the three-dimensional structure (second and third structure) – Alpha fold – Protein engineering – Find the active position – Ligand design – Molecular Docking – Molecular dynamics – Drug design and vaccine design Systems Biology Bioinformatic Services – Modeling biological systems – Metabolic engineering – Tumor Growth Modeling – COMSOL and MATLAB – R and Python programming

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