Molecular Services

All types of PCR Gel Documentation Plasmid, DNA, and RNA Extraction Determination of Concentration and Purity of Nucleic Acids with Nanodrop Spectrophotometer Horizontal / Vertical electrophoresis cDNA Synthesis Spectrophotometer (200-800nm) Gene Cloning Molecular Phylogeny Study (DNA Barcoding) Genome Methylation Analysis Sequencing Results Analysis DNA and RNA Sequencing High-Resolution Melting (HRM) Gene Expression Analysis by Real-Time PCR (Relative & Absolute) Cellular Services ¬¬¬¬¬ Scratch Assay Fluorescent Microscope Genotoxicity by Micronucleus Assay Evaluation of Substance Toxicity on Cell Lines By MTT and XTT Test Transfection of RNA and DNA Virus Packaging and Titration Cell-Based Immunogenicity Transduction Flow Cytometry Migration Assay Cell Counting Cell Culture, Cell Expansion, And Cell Banking Primary Stem Cell Culture, and Differentiation Cell Viability IPSC Production Cells Immortalization Cell-Based Binding Assay Evaluation of The Cell Growth Profile Mab Cell-Based Potency and Bioassay ELISA-Based Binding Assay Mycoplasma Detection in Cell Culture Samples by DNA Staining Potency Testing of Biopharmaceuticals Products Mycoplasma Detection (qPCR) Cell Treatment with Herbal Extracts Detection Of Bacterial/ Fungal Contamination by Culture Method Detection of Mycoplasma Contamination using Specific Culture and Indicator Cell Antigen, Receptor, or Ligand Density (Such as Binding Assays, and Competitive Binding Assays) Qualitative Detection of Viral/ Bacteria Contamination using Real-time PCR Apoptosis / Survival analysis Intracellular Expression of Proteins Cell Cycle Analysis Enzymatic Activity Changes in pH, Intracellular Calcium, and Glutathione Reporter Bioassays Karyotyping Cell and Tissue Staining Viral Services Virus Titration by TCID50, HA, and qPCR Bovine, Porcine, and Human Viruses Detection qPCR HA and HAD test TEM analysis Evaluation of Antiviral Properties of Detergents and Solutions Microbial Services CFU/Gram Staining Mycoplasma Detection Microbial and Fungal Detection Bacteriophage Detection MIC/MBC/Biofilm Assay TSA/SDA/5 Days Monitoring Isolation and Identification of Bacteria in Water and Food Detection and Differentiation of Bacteria (Urease, TSI, SIM, Peroxidase-Catalase, Oxidase, Coagulase)

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